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Can Neurofeedback be used while a patient is on medication?

There is no straight forward answer for this unfortunately and hence at the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute we look at this on a case to case basis. But yes, there are many times when Neurofeedback training is performed while the client is on medication.

Some clients will need medications to enable them to be in a position to best perform in their training. What we do know is that in our eighteen years performing neurofeedback here in Arizona, is that we have observed that after a number of neurofeedback sessions, symptoms of over-medication may start to appear and a need for reduction in medications customary. You will be advised at the start of your training as to the symptoms of over-medication. This over-medication scenario is brought about by the normalization of problematic brain areas due to the training and in turn the medication being too strong for the now more efficient brain.

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