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How many sessions are needed?

How many sessions are needed?

At the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute (SNI) we tend to see noticeable results from single channel neurofeedback typically between the first and tenth session. We have seen clients reporting changes right after their first session! It really does differ on a case to case basis as the levels of severity will dictate the training time.

At the SNI we tend to suggest that it will be 25 sessions per Standard Deviation (SD) from the norm. A SD is a statistic for measuring how far someones brainwave abnormalities are from the normal. With respect to SD’s, 31.8% of the population will fall between 1 and 2 SD, only 4.2% within 2 and 3 SD, and only.3% will be over 3 SD’s, that is 3 people in a 1000.

Some people require more training, some less. We do however tend to recommend clients have a minimum of 30-40 sessions. With our new 19 channel training we are seeing the number of sessions required drop dramatically.

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